All You Need to Know Before Buying a New Sweater

Sweaters are one of the most popular casual clothing items among both men and women, especially during the cold days. But if you are going to shop for new sweaters, you need to know all about their materials. Here are types of sweater materials explained to make your shopping experience easier.

Wool Sweaters

This is considered as one of the best materials if you want to stay warm. This is because wool clothing has the ability to keep body heat from transmitting to the outer environment because of its insulating levels. Not only will it keep you warm but also can keep you dry when it rains or snow. The material comes from sheep and has always been a popular material when it comes to creating garment made for cold weather.

Alpaca Sweaters

This material is very similar to wool and cashmere sweaters and has been a popular material used specially in south America. In fact, it, unless specially ordered and made, they are very rare outside the continent. Although the alpaca fibre is used to make a lot of winter clothes such has hats and gloves and not only sweaters, it still remains as a material that is unfamiliar to a large number of manufacturers outside South America.

Polyester Sweater

Polyester sweaters are becoming increasingly popular these days but sometimes they are harder to maintain than cashmere or wool sweaters. This is because they stretch easily when wash making it difficult to maintain their shape and size. Also, when it comes to retaining heat, often wool is considered better than polyester.

Cotton Sweaters

This is one of the most popular types in the market, so you will never fail to find cotton sweaters when you shop. Also, it is very cheap and easy to maintain. Their durability is high so you don’t need to worry about their shape and size changing after washing them. This makes it really easy to wash them as you don’t need to use any special methods to wash them. However, this is not a type of sweater you can wear on very cold days as their ability retain heat is comparatively low. Cotton is the best wear for warmer seasons as they do not retain heat.

Cashmere Sweaters

This is the type of sweaters that are made from the fibre taken from cashmere goats. These sweaters are often considered to be not as good as wool sweaters but they do retain heat to a certain and level and can make you warm in a cold weather. Another benefit is that they are extremely comfortable due to its soft texture. You can also wear these sweaters with almost any outfit.

So now you know the types of sweater materials out there, all you need to do is find the material that you think is the best. Some materials are easy to find while some are extremely rare. Apart from the material make sure to try them on before purchasing so that you can know if the sweater fits you or not. Also think for what occasion you are buying them; whether you need them for a really cold day or simply to wear on a warmer day.

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