How To Choose the Right Makeup Brand for You?

If you have watched makeup tutorials or even celebrity makeup routines rest assured you are going to hear a million and one different brand names being used, unless of course they are marketing their own brand. It ranges from a different type of facial cleanser to a different eye serum and the list goes on. While some of these brands are well known there are others that are equally good but not as popular.

One of the best ways for such brands to have their products marketed is to have public figures use or mention them in their tutorials. So how do you choose which one is good or right from you. A product that a celebrity may use can sometimes not be ideal for you skin so it is important to know what you are applying on your skin regardless of who or how good the marketing is.  So how do you choose the right products to do your makeup? Here are some things to consider


Researching your makeup is a vital part of choosing the right product. Reading ingredients, effects and reviews are a good start to choosing which products are suitable for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and allergies due to chemicals check reviews to see if other people have similar issues and how it has affected their skin. People nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of how makeup has been tested so why not try the best vegan makeup for a change? Natural ingredients, no animal testing and no use of harsh chemicals provide safe and effective makeup products.


You will never know unless you try, this is the same for makeup too. There are tons of products out there but unless you do experiment with them you will not be able to know if they suit you. Use sample packs instead of spending on the big bottles. You should also start out with using the product on a small portion of your face and wait for any reactions before using it fully. This is important for skin that easily reacts to the use of strong products.

Adapt to the season

Makeup is every changing rather the trends are so why not keep up with them for fun. Adapting to the season does not necessarily mean you change the colour of your eyeshadow or lipstick to suit the colour of the grass for summer, instead its fitting in to the vibe. Summer makeup can always be a minimalistic or a wet look. Clear and light-coloured palette is ideal however you can use darker shades during winter or autumn. While there is no set rule for any of these, they can be nice to try out every once in a while.

Go with your gut

At the end of the day, you will find brands and looks that work for you so even if it may not be mainstream or well- known don’t let that stop you from doing you.

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