How to Dress Fashionably Even at Work

Dressing stylishly to work is really a challenging task to maintain every day. Sometimes, you just run out of fashionable ideas and simply wear anything that looks fine at the workplace even if it’s boring. The clothes you wear to work has an impact to everyone you meet. As a working gal, looking professional and polished should be your aim when dressing up to work. Here are some simple style tips to liven up your office wear.

Wear a Statement Jewellery

If you’re wearing your simple regular office wear, add some appeal to it by wearing statement jewellery. It can either be a necklace, a ring, a bracelet or earrings; just be sure that they don’t look distracting and they blend well with your outfit. During events such as meetings or conferences, a piece of jewellery can spark up a conversation – perfect to break the ice.

Do Away with Commuter Shoes

For those who commute every day to work, wearing comfortable commuter shoes is a common trend. However, make sure to wear comfy shoes that still look polished and chic. If you regularly wear sneakers or trainers, try swapping it with more stylish ones like chic slip-ons or flats. It is best to be ready always since you never know when you’ll run into somebody when going to work.

Layer with Cardigan

During cooler days, wearing a cardigan over your regular office wear is a perfect yet easy way to style your outfit. Choose more structured cardigans rather than loose or slouchy ones. This gives an impression of being in-control of everything, adding a bit of leadership to your presence. This is also true when choosing office clothes such as blouses and women polo shirts.

Pick the Right Fit

When buying office wear, make sure to get the perfect fit. While an overly loose outfit makes you look slouch and unstructured, outfits that are too tight doesn’t look that good as well. Pants that are too tight will make your panty-lines visible while tight tops show your bra marks at the back and sometimes your bellybutton or lower back. If you think your top is too tight, try layering it with a neutral coloured blazer for a more executive look.

Wear Heels

Not everyone can wear 4-inch heels but you should never ditch these office wear essential. A two-inch heel is already perfect to wear when going to work. But if you’re really uncomfortable with this height, choose pointy-toed flats instead. They still look professional and give you a classy look and a sleeker figure.

Watch Your Hemline

Wearing a very short skirt to work sometimes gets unwanted attention from others. Skirts that are slightly just above the knee or a midi skirt are perfect for office wear. These cuts flatter almost everyone plus they also look professional. To find the right fit, just observe if you’re comfortable moving around while wearing it.

Your daily office wear should never be boring. Spice up your work outfit with these amazing tips.

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