Plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal with These Five Tips

When you are ready to pop the question, how do you do it the right way? Where will you plan it? And how do you plan it in a way that your partner really likes? Although it is not the same as planning something as big as a wedding, planning a proposal also take a little bit of effort on your side. Read the following tips to see what you can do to make this special say extra special to both of you.

Select the Right Place

There might be many special and romantic locations in your area. But if you want this to really mean something; you can choose with a location that has a sentimental value to you. It can be the place where you went on your first date or where you shared your first kiss. Maybe it is the place where you first confessed ‘I love you’ to each other.

However, don’t limit yourself to these traditional relationship milestones either. It can also be a place where she/ he has mentioned that they want to visit, or a place where one of you confided in each other about something that means a lot to you. Don’t plan a public proposal if your partner is not comfortable with it; instead keep it simple and intimate between just the two of you.

Choose the Perfect Ring

This might be a little tricky if you want the proposal to be a surprise. But you can find this or make a close guess, by your partner’s personal style. Is he a statement jewellery type? Does she wear more formal suits and therefore wear minimalist jewellery often?

Would he or she like a simple ring with a subtle design or a halo engagement ring with a more intricate style? To get the ring size, you can always ask for their friends or family to help you. A best friend or a close sibling is the easiest way to do this subtly. It is also ok to get some help in finding the right design, style or the size.

Get a Professional Photographer

If you are going all the way with the proposal, then why not save this moment forever. Get a professional photographer to capture your moment, whether you want a photograph of when you get on your knees and she/ he accepts or a video of the entire speech you make.

While most of the friend and family (if they are present) would volunteer to do this when they join in the celebration you might end up with videos with screaming audio or shaky photographs. A professional will ensure that all the right moments are capture without getting distracted.

Be Honest in Your Speech

Whether you want to make a lengthy declaration of love or keep it short and sweet, make sure it is right from the heart. You will find thousands and thousands of speeches and quotes to copy from the internet, but if the words are your own, it has more value.

You will be nervous and maybe fumble mid speech, but it is still more honest than stealing a quote from an anonymous person online. However, if there is a favourite quote from a movie or a book that your partner likes, then go for it.

The Perfect Decoration

This might not be the most essential part of the proposal but if you want to create a truly memorable moment, then adding a little decoration won’t hurt. If flower language is your thing, then choose flowers that symbolises something suitable for the occasion.

If you have been together for many years, choose one flower for each year you have been together. If the proposal is going to happen in late evening or night, you can add a little flare with some lights, candles or music as well. This will create your own fairy-tale moment.

Choose things that mean something to the two of you. Symbolic decoration, meaningful words and unforgettable places will make the most amazing proposal ever!

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