Smart Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

With the change of season, the time comes to renew the closet and rearrange the children’s closets. Children’s closets can easily get messy due to the never-ending additions; new toys and clothes as they outgrow the old ones very fast. So here are some tips to finally get over that messy pile of stuff and organize the closet.

Divide the Clothing by Category

It is of primary importance to divide the clothes by type so that they can then be arranged more simply. Pants, shirts, sweatshirts, coats will be placed in specific places and it is an excellent way to better remember where they are. You can hang up the shirts, T-shirts, dresses and skirts and store the trousers and shorts in drawers or folded on shelves.

Divide the Garments According to Season

It is much easier to do a quick change to the closet when the seasons change, when you have all garments divided as per seasons. All those clothes that are not needed at the moment, but could be needed next season should be stored away safely.

Above the closet you always have the space needed to place the season change boxes. Buy coloured boxes that make the bedroom more cheerful, with attached labels that will facilitate the identification of the box you need. In these boxes you can store winter blankets, ski suits, jackets and clothes that must pass from one brother to another.

Arrange the Clothing in Particular Positions

It must be considered that after a certain age the children will be able to dress independently and therefore, they can think for themselves about their clothes. The older kids can dress themselves if you have arranged all eve’s sister clothing in a rational and accessible way. In this logic, the most elegant clothes can be placed in a secondary position, while the most frequently used clothes can be kept in front.

Filter out the clothes

Certainly, most of your children’s clothes will no longer be usable the following year, as they are too small. In this case you have three alternatives: keep them in order to reuse them for any siblings, give them to friends or relatives who have children of that age, or donate them to humanitarian associations for the less fortunate children, so you make a useful gesture to those who need help.

If you shop out of season, for example on the occasion of sales, try to organize a single collection point where you can keep all purchases sorted by size and season, so as not to risk forgetting some unused garments or making double purchases.

Involve Children

To make the matter less boring for you and the children, it can be interesting to make attempts to involve them through the organization of games or fun activities. This will allow you to have their help, to spend some time with them and, why not, to make them responsible for the sense of organization and how to arrange their clothes. Who knows, maybe even children will learn better how to organize their closet!

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