Various Ways to Style a Bralette

If you are a fan of bralettes and want to show them off as often as possible, there are various ways you could style them. Wearing one would make your outfit look put together especially if you style it to give your outfit a fresh, stylish and not to mention sexy look.

There is a reason why this trend is not going out of style. With designs ranging from lace, studded, crochet, bandeau, etc., there are numerous ways to wear a bralette in style. And if you are excited and eager to style this piece of lingerie, you could style it as follows:

With A Tee or Any Low-Cut Top

Of course, bralettes demanded to be seen and they look very sexy and mysterious when they do this sort of peek a boo with any top. When you wear it with a tee or any low-cut top, you look nicely dressed but with minimal effort on your part. Plus, you are still comfortable without looking and feeling underdressed.

With A Maxi Skirt

A bralette also works as a crop top and it goes well with a maxi skirt to give off that boho look. An outfit like this could be worn to any low-key events like festivals or sipping coffee in an outdoor café. Another way to look feminine if you don’t want to wear a bralette as a crop top is to wear a crepe knit bralette dress pink. When you wear your bralette with a dress, you could wear it to an outdoor or rustic barn wedding.

With A Sheer or Lace Blouse

Even if your bralette is made out of lace, you could still wear it under a lace blouse and you would not end up looking like you are wearing too much lace, especially if you are trying to look feminine. You could also wear a bralette under a sheer or see through blouse. Instead of a camisole or a spaghetti strap that does not look sexy, a bralette could still provide you with the necessary coverage but you still look sexy.

With A Blazer

You might think that a bralette is not suitable for corporate wear. But if you would wear it underneath a blazer, it could work. Provided you keep the blazer buttoned down. And when night comes, just pop that blazer open or remove it altogether and you are good to hit the clubs and party.

With A Jumpsuit

There are different types of bralettes and if you purchase a sporty one, you could style it with a jumpsuit. Who says you could not look sporty and sexy at the same time? A sporty bralette could also give your chest support especially if you would be doing something athletic.

This piece of lingerie es a must in every woman’s wardrobe because it is versatile and practical. Not to mention it is eye catching and could spruce up any outfit. No matter your personal style is, there is a bralette out there that would suit your taste and preference.

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