Winter Is Coming – Enjoy the Winter Feels

Winter is all about cosiness, coming together with your family, spending time with your loved ones, and spreading happiness in the air. 

It’s time for Christmas festivities. Baking and decorating the gingerbread man with your family, exchanging gifts, and snuggling in your soft and warm blanket. It is definitely a whole mood and a time of the year that is awaited by all. 

Nothing is better than reuniting with your family at the dinner table; having plentiful food and bonding sessions over a warm bonfire with Christmas carols playing at the back.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your winter holidays a little more special.

Winter campfire

There’s nothing better than sitting around a bonfire in the snow, playing music with your guitar, having a fun truth and dare segment, just chilling casually catching up with your friends, and oh! The best of all- s’mores. Ah, the delicious marshmallow and chocolatey goodness. How can one ever resist smores during winter?

Have a family movie night

Turn on the heater in the living room, dim the lights, arrange seating on the floor with cushions and get warm woollen blankets. Microwave some popcorn and whip yourself some hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, and oh- play a nice Christmas movie to watch with your family. There’s no other movie night like one, with your fam-bam.

Go for a walk

During early winter, when it isn’t snowing like the world is going to end. Go out with someone special. Put on one of your turtle neck tops, sweaters, winter jackets, boots, and mufflers. Basically, everything that will save you from dying out of hypothermia, and go for a stroll. Nothing is more romantic than holding hands with your partner in freezing weather and just having a long and pleasant walk. Trust me- it might even result in you getting a warm and cosy hug. What more do you need?

Gather all kids in your family and have a fun baking session

Christmas is all about baked goodies. Plan an eventful day with all kids in your family and your neighbourhood, have painting sessions, bake sugar cookies, and decorate them. There’s an indescribable joy in spending time with children during Christmas and teaching them small things that could turn into a fun activity.

Treat yourself to a warm bath

Working all year and finally getting back home during the winter holidays, all you need is time with your family and some relaxation. 

Sometimes, going all out and treating yourself feels good. You deserve some rest and special treatment. Light up some vanilla flavoured candles, prepare a hot water tub, add one of your favourite baths bombs, set the mood with some soothing background music, and enjoy yourself. A little bit of me-time will help you relax and give you time to think about things, and make you feel great!

Secret Santa with friends

Exchanging gifts on Christmas is the highlight of winter. Don’t you get excited to have your hands-on some cool presents? Well, secret Santa is a great way to exchange gifts. Selecting gifts for your loved ones is always a great experience and a fun activity. Likewise, unwrapping gifts you’ve received anonymously is a thrill of its own.

These few things will make your holidays back at home a little more memorable. It’s always fantastic to try out new things in the winter holidays as it’s the memories that will stick with you throughout the year. 

So, get some Christmas movies, hot chocolate and s’mores, and some cosy blankets and spend your winter holidays with your family.

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