Your Comfort Lies in Your Confidence

Always a debatable topic; pants or shorts? The deal with choosing the lower outfit has become a significant issue in many teenagers’ lives. It is mainly because one hides everything while the other exposes the skin. So what? That is not the only issue. The level of comfort, easiness, and how it makes you feel about yourself; plays a vital role in the decision.

Yet, the worst-case scenario is that girls do not have the freedom to decide what to wear. It happens in many private schools across the globe. Such as, girls do not get permission to wear pants or shorts. Their uniform is either a dress or a skirt.

Research shows that girls wearing skirts to school are less physically active, making them lazier and lethargic. Furthermore, teenagers themselves identify the dress as a barrier to do physical tasks.

Moreover, in some religions, the girls are asked to keep their skin hidden. So, it is not practical to restrict to only skirts and make them feel uncomfortable. Thus, it would also result in poor performance in the academic year. 

However, there was an experimental study to eliminate this rule. An instruction stated girls to wear skirts for two weeks and shorts for the other two weeks. 

Researchers tracked their physical performance in the period. Hence, conducting this trial revealed that girls were more physical and active in the period of wearing shorts. A student spoke mentioning, skirts were not the ideal type of clothes to aid physical movements. Thus, the rule got scrapped off.

Nonetheless, pants make you feel more secure. Parents are concern about their teenagers wearing shorts. For their safety and to bypass criticizing comments, they prefer their children to wear long.

In many women’s lives, it is the style of comfort. It is a type of bottom wear that compliments any dress. A right pair of pants would give you a flaunting appearance! To achieve a casual or formal look, check these types of pants out.

Teenage Pants

  • Palazzo
  • Leggings
  • Trouser
  • Pegged Pants
  • Cocktail Pants

However, despite giving you a professional look, there are drawbacks to consider. Pants can create uneasiness if worn for too long.

Moreover, problems like skin irritations and irregular blood circulations can impact overall performance. It will eventually result in unpleasantness.

So, did I mean give up on pants? No, that is not a solution. For instance, if you consider shorts, you will most likely hear this. 

“I am too self-conscious.”

“It is too revealing.”

“My legs are fat.”

“I look skinny.”

Yet, some people still prefer shorts over everything! Like it or not, most find the best comfort in shorts. 

Type of shorts

  • Boy shorts
  • Jamaican shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Pedal pusher shorts
  • Capri
  • Cut off shorts
  • Roll up shorts

Shorts boost self-confidence, producing a more charismatic and attractive look! Shorts for teenage girl comes in a variety of choices, so do a quick search to find the best clothing. There is a wide range of shorts, with either different lengths or design.

However, if you notice, you would find three types of women.

  1. Those who wear pants and jeans
  2. Those who put on shorts and skirts
  3. Those who wear both long and short together, for example, wearing leggings underneath a short.

 So, the decision of what bottom to wear is yours! Remember, comfort is the key. If you feel comfortable in what you wear, you will feel confident about it. Thus, never mind, what you choose to wear, you will flaunt your look! After all, it is your walk of confidence.

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